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Beard Science is a Sour House, meaning we specialize in fermentation techniques and souring processes that you won’t find in your typical brewery. For kettle sours, we use Lactobacillus bacteria strains to create unique flavors in a very controlled environment. For our wild sours, we ferment the natural yeasts here in The Colony, Texas for some uncontrolled goodness in the beer. We also add special spices and some unexpected ingredients in the finishing process to give you something new with each brew. Some beers then age in wooden American Oak foeders or bottles you see in the brewery. Find our tap list here: What’s on Tap?

Beer not your thing? Not to worry, Beard Science has an extensive whiskey collection featuring those hard-to-find allocated Bourbons and hand-picked select barrels. We can also serve you a cocktail from our full bar or wine if that’s what tickles your fancy.

Contact us to host a private party in the Sour House or join us at one of our tasting events to learn more.

Beard Science Brews

Beard Science Key Lime Sour - COMING SOON

Beard Science Key Lime Sour is the perfect flavor to pair with warm weather! It's refreshingly sweet and fruity with a dry finish.

You can expect a full Key lime aroma - just don’t be disappointed if it isn't green...(this sour uses REAL key lime without any artificial color or dyes)

Beard Science Berliner Weiss

This is our basic kettle sour and is a great intro to sour beers if it is your first time. Subtly sour.

Beard Science Berliner Weiss Extra Sour

This is our basic kettle sour with the sourness turned up. A little more pucker-y for you adventurers.

Beard Science Blood Orange Sour

A nice balance between the sourness of the beer and the tart fruitiness of the Blood Orange makes this a good thirst quencher. A nice, dry mouthfeel will make you understand what fruit-alicious means.

Beard Science Woodruff Berliner Weiss

Woodruff is a German herb that grows deep in the woods and has green leaves with white flowers. It is known for its earthy, almost hay-like flavor and aroma with a light sweetness to it, to cut through any kind of sourness. The Ph is 3.5 and makes this a wonderful beverage on a nice day in the Yard.

Beard Science Lemon & Lime

If you like lemon and lime in your beer, this is it for you. The two citrus fruits add an extra layer of sourness. By using our base Berliner Weiss, it stays well-balanced for easy drinking.

Beard Science Elderberry

This fruity and delicious beer features earthy aromas and flavors, fruitiness as well as a slight sweetness coming through from the Elderberry. It is dry and refreshing.

Beard Science Raspberry Cherry

Raspberry and Cherry reminds our Brew Boss of the scent that filled his home when mom Wehrmann was baking pies. This combination is fruity and earthy. It has a little bit more raspberry in the aroma with the dark cherry coming through in the taste and finishes with a nice sour note.

Beard Science Caramel Tart Apple

This refreshing beer will bring back your childhood memories or a tart green apple flavor hard candy, followed by a slight caramel taste and a great balance for a sweet and sour finish.

Beard Science Pickle Sour

A blend of sour Beer and pickle juice gives this beer a nice balance between sourness and all the spiciness you would expect from your favorite pickle.

Beard Science Boysenberry

Our new spring flavor Boysenberry is brewed with Boysenberry puree and is adding a nice fruit and floral aroma and flavor to our base sour beer. Expect a little more dryness from this brew as the Boysenberry is not as sweet as her counterpart; the Raspberry or Elderberry

Beard Science Mango

Not sure about sour beers? Then this one's for you! The sweetness of the mango balances out the sourness adding a tasty, tropical and fruity flair. Imagine sitting in our yard, feeling like you're on a tropical island listen to Country music.

Beard Science Cucumber & Lemon

Our Cucumber and Lemon is made from cucumber puree and real lemon juice. Cucumber is up front in aroma and flavor, while the lemon adds a nicely balanced freshness in the finish a little acid to the base sour beer. The combination of both lemon and cucumber creates a little vanilla phenolic note that makes this beer one of our most sought-after offerings.

Beard Science Ginger Sour

We’re putting the beer back in Ginger Beer with our special made sour brew, boiled and fermented with fresh-ground ginger roots that carry the ginger aroma and flavor all the way to the last sip! Want a different experience? Ask the bartenders to add a couple of drops of simple syrup to sweeten the taste.

Beard Science Blackcurrant

Beard Science Blackcurrant is a dry, earthy sour beer. The Blackcurrant adds to the overall sourness of the beers. Expect aroma and flavors of passion fruit and dark berry and a bit of raisin on the finish.

Beard Science Hibiscus Seltzer

Is it Beer or is it not? That is the answer we will leave up to you. But it is made with pure water, 100% fermentable sugar and 100% organic Hibiscus leaves. The red color comes strictly from the Hibiscus, and you can smell and taste the flower and fruitiness of this cold beverage. A sparkling wine dryness and grape-like finish only makes this more interesting.

Beard Science Wild Sour

This Wild Sour is our FIRST BEER fermented in our open, oak fermenter with no temperature control. This allows the beer to absorb bacteria and wild yeast out of the air; making it a one-of-a-kind flavor! Made with Munich and Chocolate roasted malts, this brewed for over 12 months and finished with a dark, amber color.

You can expect flavors and aromas of dark fruit and raisin. This beer has an alcohol of about 6.5%/vol and a ph of 3. Due to the high acid level, it has a nice dry finish to it.

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Meet our Brew Boss

The Beard Science Sour House is the delicious laboratory of our mad scientist and Brew Boss, Dennis Wehrmann. Dennis was born in Germany, into a family with five generations in the brewing business. He worked in breweries as a kid and went on to brewing school, apprenticeships, brewpub management, and eventually Dennis got a Master’s degree specializing in the brewing business. After moving to Dallas with his wife Joline, he opened his own microbrewery (Franconia), the first in the Dallas area. He operated Franconia for 12 years before passing on the reins and eventually joining the Truck Yard team. You can also taste his work at our upcoming Second Rodeo Brewery in The Stockyards in Fort Worth (scheduled to open March 2021).

Learn from all of Dennis’ experience in one of our tasting events – check out the Events page for more info.

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Address: 5959 Grove Ln Ste B, The Colony, TX 75056

Hours: Monday & Tuesday 4pm - Midnight, Wednesday-Sunday 11am -Midnight